About Us

We are a team of experienced digital professionals across three continents and our mission is simple: we help organisations of all sizes create a professional and optimised presence online. But we don’t stop there. We then ensure they use the right mix of marketing and content to achieve specific business objectives. Digital elevation one base at a time.

Ultimately, our success lies in the success of our clients. Our goal is to partner with clients to create a robust presence online and drive positive outcomes.

The Idea behind the name

Over the past decade we’ve literally met and worked with 100s of businesses/organisations all requiring one service or another; a new logo, website, phone app, SEO, PPC, data analytics, social media etc. Servicing these requirements has not been the problem for us. The problem lies in clients not knowing what they need and in what order.

A travel company exhibiting at expensive travel shows without having a website that works on mobile, an ecommerce business wanting to spend huge amounts on social campaigns with a ridiculously long and clunky checkout process that’s limiting conversions…the list goes on.

So, we put together the 5 core bases that forms the basis of what every organisation should have as their ba5eline.

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience and structured approach to the online space. Digital elevation one base at a time.

Our Approach



We take the time to listen to each client’s unique situation, business and objectives. This is critical and we therefore place the right level of importance.



Use our in-house benchmarking process to assess where the client is in terms of best practice (e.g. having a mobile responsive website) and also in terms of market positioning (compared to competitors)



Once we know what the client wants and what it lacks we set about to put together a plan… an over-arching strategy if you’d like.



Plans are just bits of paper (or mere words) without the execution. We do what needs to be done.



All projects are tracked and performance measured against predefined KPIs.