Business Startups

The core principle behind our business is offering SMEs expert guidance and support in establishing a professional online presence. We do this in a unique manner – help to create a solid foundation then build your business one base at a time.

Who We Can Help:

We have worked with many SMEs at various stages of their business journeys and continue to do so:

Idea Stage

you may have just finalised a business idea and want to create a brand name, register domain etc.


we love working with startups and creating lean strategies for growth.

Physical Business

you may have an established physical brick and mortar business and want to now create an online presence.


or you have a growing online business but want to scale and increase ROI from advertising spend.

In all scenarios, our team of subject experts can help, and the general process is the same.

Gather requirements > Add Our Recommendations > Finalise Scope > Execute!

Our digital marketing solutions for small businesses

Our range of services is pretty comprehensive for the typical small business. We have an enviable pool of subject matter experts from graphic designers, WordPress Developers, tracking & tagging experts, content writers to digital marketing specialists.

Our Solutions:

Core solutions for small business that come under our 5 bases are



From choosing the right company name, to designing a professional logo, brand book guidelines to creating branded assets, our expert branding and graphic designer experts can help. We take a methodical approach helping you create a long-lasting brand to be proud off.


Website Design and Development

Your website is your most important online platform, and we can help develop a custom designed best practice website using our preferred CMS, WordPress. For Ecommerce businesses we use Shopify.


Graphic Design Services

Small businesses typically do not have in-house graphic design resources, and this is where we can help. You may have an upcoming launch event, need promotional flyers designed or rollup banners. We therefore provide an on-demand graphic design service to SMEs with fast turnarounds.


Go-To-Market Strategy and Promotional Material

For startups, when they have: the money transfer licence, partnerships, software and website, it’s time to go to market! We can assist in creating a go-to-market strategy based on your budget and create all the necessary promotional material consistent with your brand.


Analytics and BI Reporting

With any business, it is important to have the right Analytics and Business Intelligence reporting setup so you’re able to assess progress of your business at any given time. What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Website visitors, signups, app downloads, live chat enquiries etc etc? We can support in firstly setting out the important KPIs for your business and then setting up the appropriate analytics tracking and BI reporting.


Paid Advertising (PPC)

Paid search advertising can be a valuable digital marketing tactic for MTOs because you can target those looking to ‘send money to X’ or ‘transfer money to Y’. This is the best type of inbound marketing as you are putting your service in front of those actively looking for your service. We’ve run many Paid Search campaigns across different territories and know what it takes to launch and maintain successful campaigns.


Digital Marketing Services

Driving targeted traffic to your website/app and generating leads, sales or bookings is what we specialise and enjoy doing – we provide a fully managed digital marketing service for small businesses. We will assess your objectives, competitor landscape, budget to create a custom designed digital strategy tailored to your business.


Paid Advertising (PPC)

Most small businesses do not have huge amounts of cash for brand awareness and traditional advertising. The best option for inbound marketing (advertising to those already looking for your services) is Paid Search Advertising. We take a holistic approach to PPC campaigns for small businesses and are confident of maximising ROI.


Organic Search (SEO)

For a better long-term ROI, investing in Organic Search is a strong recommendation we often make to small businesses. This is because, with the right strategy you can rank organically for the most important keyword terms and get free targeted traffic to your website.


Social Media Marketing

If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among your target audience. Whether you want a hands-off service or need an independent social media expert to come up with new strategies, we can assist.

Case Study

Alex and Sophia came to us with a business idea and a name. We partnered with them to establish an appealing online presence and helped grow their business. Read the case study here.

Small and Medium Businesses we’ve worked with:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I already have a company logo can you help our business?
Got the logo, great! We can work with your chosen logo to produce your brand guideline book and all the additional brand assets you need (from business cards, email signatures etc). We would then typically then move onto developing your website/platform complying with your brand. Get in touch to get started.
2. I need to get more customers online, can you help?
In short, yes. There is however a process to be followed. In our preliminary phase, we’ll scrutinise your website/platform, product offering, competitor landscape and make sure everything is up to scratch. We’ll then create a tailor-made digital marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to your business and crack on with the work!
3. What does On-Demand Graphic Design Services mean?
Small businesses typically do not have in-house graphic design resources nor can they afford expensive agencies. We therefore bridge this gap by providing an on-demand graphic design service – this means, you simply get in touch when you need something designing, we’ll come back with a quote and get the work done (unlimited revisions until you’re happy).
4. What are your fees?
We provide a bespoke service to small and medium businesses that can vary from one-off pieces of work to a fully managed service. Our fees would therefore depend on the scope and size of the project/work. Get in touch and we’ll be able to assess your requirements and provide an estimate cost upfront.
5. We have a small marketing budget, can you help?
There’s a saying that ‘no two businesses are the same’. There is a lot of truth in this from a digital marketing perspective. That’s why we’ll first gather your requirements, industry, competitor landscape and budget. Once we ger our collective heads around this information we’ll come back with a bespoke marketing plan – outlining the most effective marketing channels for your business goals. So, yes, we can help with most budget amounts ☺