Falcon Sports

The Brief:

We started working with the founders of Falcon Sports UAE at the beginning of their business journey 4 years ago. They started a sports management company and wanted to establish a professional online presence. So, we got to work!

What We’ve Done (so far):

Similar to other clients (who we began the journey with), we started off with the basics: registering domain name, hosting and emails. Following that, we worked with the client on creating a brand identity – main logo icon/emblem of a falcon, tagline and brand colours. A clear and unique brand was established.

From there, we created the Brand Guidelines book (which governs the brand) and created multiple brand assets including business cards, company profile and email signatures. We also set up the branded social media pages.

In terms of the business website, it has evolved and continues to evolve as the business grows. Key milestones thus far:

Website 1.0 – back in 2019, we started with a ‘1 pager’ style website to provide users with the key business information and get up and running.

Website 2.0 – At the start of 2021, the Football Academy was launched, and we added a few additional pages to the website.

Website 3.0 – more recently in 2022, we will soon be launching a whole new website which will have a new more compete look & comprehensive information about the business services and growing Football Academy.


Home page

Registration Page
Academy page


It has been a pleasure seeing this business grow and with it it’s digital presence.


Brand Identity


Website x3


Branded Assets




Social Media



This coming year will be a breakout year for the business, and we’re excited to be helping them grow further. We’ve already agreed on creating a marketing strategy and a bespoke Football Academy Management Software to vastly improve operations and efficiency.

Stay tuned for further case studies and write ups on this client ☺

What the client said:

“There’s a reason why we continue to work with Ba5eline over the years – they understand our business, provide high level strategic recommendations and always deliver as per our requirements. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship.”

Fahad Omar,
Founder, Falcon Sports UAE

Falcon Sports UAE

Sports management redefined.