Lexia Education

The Brief:

Sophia and Alex approached us after finalising their business idea and so wanted to start from scratch. They offer Alternative Learning Provision for vulnerable and “at risk” children and young people. Their main requirements were to establish a brand identity, logo and website.

What We’ve Done (so far):

We started off with the basics, registering domain name and setting up hosting. From there, we worked with the client on establishing a brand identity – from multiple logo concepts, the final concept was chosen, and colour scheme finalised. A bright, meaningful brand was therefore established.

From there, we created the Brand Guidelines book (which governs the brand) and created multiple brand assets for the brand including business cards and HTML email signatures. Choosing the right brand imagery as well as branding all the registration and legal documents was especially important for the client, and this is something we collaborated well on.

The final piece of the puzzle was the website. This was developed to the client brief of creating a simple, text light website. Originally, additional functionality of a forum for teachers was launched but later taken offline due to lack of users using it.


All deliverables were handed over in a timely manner and training provided on the website, forum etc.


Brand Identity




Branded Assets




Home page

Service Page
Registration page
Post go live, and in collaboration with the client, we moved the registration form online making it easy for candidates to register online. This has reduced time and improved efficiency. The business continues to grow and increasing head count ☺

What the client said:

“We have been really pleased with the work the team at Ba5eline have produced and the partnership we’ve established. They understand our business and are always at hand to help out”

Alex Savva,
Founder, Lexia Education Services

Lexia Education Services

“Changing the lives of young people”