Obtain and leverage data for smarter business decision-making.

For the average business there are two key concerns when it comes to data. Firstly, how to obtain the right data sets (when it comes to digital marketing) and secondly how to use this data to make better decisions that help grow their business. Our job here is to debunk everything out there about data and create a simple data strategy for your business.

Our Approach

When creating an effective marketing strategy for your brand, Data Analytics must be at the core of your digital marketing efforts. Our approach to data analytics is a simple one.

1. Goals

it starts with a simple conversation. What are your business goals? Sales, leads, signups, awareness? We then help translate these into tangible analytics goals, i.e., set things up so we can track these goals.

2. Setup

the nitty gritty part where we take a holistic approach to setting up analytics across all your platforms and provide a singular dashboard/report for you to view progress towards your business goals.

3. Analyse

once the data is measured, the next task is to tackle how best to use this data. How are users engaging with your website? What marketing channels are driving the most conversions? Through proactive analysis we are able to translate your data into meaningful and actionable information.

Analytics Services

We’re not into Big Data, AI, ML or any of the ‘shinier’ data objects. Rather, our services are focussed on SMEs setting up and leveraging data analytics.


Google Analytics Setup


Google Tag Manager Setup


Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking


Marketing Campaigns Tracking


Data Studio Reporting


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


Analytics Audits


Digital Analytics Training

Our Process

We’ve refined our process over the years and work with you until you are completely happy.



as briefly mentioned above, we start with a conversation to outline what your business goals are. Most businesses want to ultimately achieve sales/leads as their primary goals but there are also a range of other secondary goals.



once we have a better understanding of your business and goals, we set about mapping out the customer journey and data flow. How many platforms do you have (websites, app, social platforms etc)? What are your main marketing channels? For lead generation, what happens when the lead enters your CRM system?generating ‘The Big Idea’ that will bring the brief to life.



from the aforementioned we’ll come back with an overall plan and Data Analytics Strategy for your business. This will outline all the key primary/secondary data metrics that need to be tracked across all relevant channels and what data inputs are needed.



this is when we roll our sleeves up and our analytics geeks get to work. If we have suitable access to your website/online platforms we’ll add the right tagging and set things directly, but if not we’ll work with your technical team to set things up.



once setup, all the key data metrics need to be presented to you in a clear and easy to understand format. We do this in a variety of ways depending on what type of package you choose. We can either send a simplified report or set up Data Studio interactive dashboards for you to access whenever you want.



if you also engage us for the digital marketing, we’ll be providing proactive regular reporting and analysis. As with most other digital marketing channels, Data Analytics is an evolving area, and we provide on-going management to ensure your platforms are generating accurate data and that you unlock this data to inspire smarter business decisions.

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience and structured approach to the online space. Digital elevation one base at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Analytics?
Data analytics helps individuals and organizations make sense of data. This typically involves setting up tracking, analysing raw data and extracting insights through data analysis. Every business embarking or conducting digital marketing should have an aligning data analytics strategy.
Why does my business need Data Analytics?
In short, having a data analytics strategy should improve decision making, better marketing campaigns, improve customer service and increase general operational efficiency. Ultimately, it gives you actionable insight into how you can improve your business model.
What kind of data points are needed for analysis and how do we start capturing them?
Data is the most important resource for any analytics project. In terms of what data inputs are needed, this broadly depends on the type of business. An Ecommerce business for example is a lot simpler as most of the data (from marketing interaction through to sale) can be gathered from Google Analytics but for lead generation focussed businesses there needs to be an extra layer of data inputted, i.e., what happens after a user signs up on the website? How many drop outs? How many go onto become paying customers? In every case, the required data inputs will be specified and outlined in the Data Analytics strategy.
What tools are your team’s specialties?
At this time, we are focussed and specialised in the Google suite – Google Analytics usually implemented via Google Tag Manager. This suits most of our clients but if there are other tools used by your business get in touch and we’ll advise accordingly.
Do you do advanced analytics work?
Our specialist skill sets cover most scenarios, and we are able to, for example, create custom events and goals, advanced segments, attribution modelling, custom dashboards, enhanced Ecommerce tracking amongst others. If you have any custom requirement get in touch and we’ll tell you off the bat whether we’re able to help.
Can you help make sense of all this data?
Yes of course. Firstly, if you engage and accompany us through our Data Analytics process, you won’t end up with a situation of data overload. We’ll work with you to identify your business goals and then translate this into an easy-to-understand report/dashboard.