Money Transfer Operators

The money transfer industry has seen dramatic change over the past 20 years. The rise of technology allowed the entrance of digital only money transfer Start-ups, prompting traditional big players to invest massively in digital. Then came Covid-19 (with lockdowns preventing customers visiting their local shop) which served as a big catalyst for the push to digital.

Over the past 5 years we’ve been helping money transfer operators (MTOs) of different sizes with their digital journeys and have gained a wealth of insights and niche specific knowledge. Regardless of your business stage, we can help you start or grow your remittance business online.

The New Landscape:

The traditional customer would visit their local store once a month to send the same amount to their friends or family back home. They would probably know the shop keeper by name. But the Internet and technology came to make things easier for us, right? Just like how we no longer need to visit the high street travel agent to book flight tickets, we no longer need to visit the local shop to send money home.
So, the new landscape (and future) can be summarised by…

Digital First… Mobile First.

If your business vision is aligned with this, we can partner with you to help you realise this vision. With global remittances set to reach $630 billion in 2022, your business can leverage digital channels to gain higher market share.

Our Solutions:

Our work with MTOs spans across multiple touch points and our key services include:


Software Consultancy

Our work, particularly with startups involves leveraging our contacts and experience in the industry to provide consultancy on the right software mix: money transfer software, back-end website, 3rd party API integrations, mobile apps, chatbots, hosting and email software amongst others.



With so many players in an increasing saturated money transfer market, it is particularly important to invest in your brand. What makes you stand out? Unless you have an existing customer database, offering “low fees, fast transfers, safe transfers” like everybody else won’t set you apart. From branding strategy, logo design, brand guidelines and branded assets we’re able to help you create a unique and consistent brand.


Website Design

The front-end website consumers see is your most important marketing asset. Whether they eventually end up using the phone app for sending money, customers’ first interaction is with your website; this is where you need to convince them to sign up. As we’ve done for other MTOs we can develop a custom designed website that is search engine friendly, mobile responsive, has optimised content and API integrations.


Go-To-Market Strategy and Promotional Material

For startups, when they have: the money transfer licence, partnerships, software and website, it’s time to go to market! We can assist in creating a go-to-market strategy based on your budget and create all the necessary promotional material consistent with your brand.


Analytics and BI Reporting

With any business, it is important to have the right Analytics and Business Intelligence reporting setup so you’re able to assess progress of your business at any given time. What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Website visitors, signups, app downloads, live chat enquiries etc etc? We can support in firstly setting out the important KPIs for your business and then setting up the appropriate analytics tracking and BI reporting.


Paid Advertising (PPC)

Paid search advertising can be a valuable digital marketing tactic for MTOs because you can target those looking to ‘send money to X’ or ‘transfer money to Y’. This is the best type of inbound marketing as you are putting your service in front of those actively looking for your service. We’ve run many Paid Search campaigns across different territories and know what it takes to launch and maintain successful campaigns.


Organic Search (SEO)

For a better long-term ROI, investing in Organic Search is a strong recommendation we often make to MTOs. This is because, with the right strategy you can rank organically for the most important keyword terms and get free targeted traffic to your website. This is a key specialism of ours with years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation.


Social Media Marketing

Every business should be on social media to connect and engage potential customers where they are at: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Social engagement helps you build trust, authority and also to show your brand personality. However, you need a solid plan for engaging content to distribute via social media and this is something we can help with.


Email and SMS Marketing

Customer acquisition is one thing but what about customer retention? How do you get customers who’ve signed up to become active (and send money via your platform) and continue to be active? This is where Retention Marketing comes into play and the best channels for this are Email and SMS Marketing. From crafting automated email/SMS follow ups to sending discount codes, we can help you with this often-neglected segment of marketing.

Clients we’ve worked with:

Case Study: NationRemit

The team behind NationRemit were in the traditional money transfer industry for a long time and conspired to setup this digital money transfer startup.

They have a firm vision and we embarked on this journey alongside them as their digital partners. The initial brief was to assist in branding, front-end website (with API integrations) and go-to-market strategy.

baseline Mto’s

Are you a Money Transfer Company and want to grow your online presence?

We have extensive experience working with both brick-and-mortar money transfer operators and new online focussed start-ups. The industry has moved and continues to move online changing customer expectations. Don’t be left behind. We can help you grow your business online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you help us with a website and app?
As part of our initial consultation, we would assess what you currently have and what you need. If you are happy with your back-end system, then we can definitely help in creating a best-in-class front end website and phone app (Android and iOS). Usually, this would involve some API integrations and this is something we have relevant experience in.
2. We need more customers?
Every business wants more customers ☺ With MTOs specifically, we have a proven model of formulating a unique digital marketing strategy in generating more signups/app downloads. Let us know what your objectives are, and target CPA (cost per acquisition) and we’ll come back to you with recommendations.
3. What is app store optimisation (ASO)?
App store optimization is the process of optimising mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. It boosts your app Visibility leads to more downloads. Very few MTOs think about ASO so this creates a great opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to invest in ASO and reap long term benefits. Get in touch to see how our team can help you with ASO.
4. What are your fees?
We provide a bespoke service to MTOs that can vary from one-off pieces of work to a fully managed service. Our fees would therefore depend on the scope and size of the project/work. Get in touch and we’ll be able to assess your requirements and provide an estimate cost upfront.
5. Can you help with finding Pay Out partners?
We are a digital agency focussed on software and digital marketing. We don’t therefore engage with pay out partners and don’t operate inside the money transfer industry. Having said this, we do have a growing network base in the network so feel free to get in touch if your query is pressing.
6. Can you help us get a money remittance licence?
Similar to above, we are a digital agency and do not have experience or provide a service in helping MTOs get the right regulatory licences. Do get in touch when you get your licence though and we’ll help you kick start your business ☺