CREATE or BUILD your online presence

In the offline world, businesses need a physical presence (shop, office, warehouse etc). The same goes for online. We help businesses build or enhance their online platform – a base where they can sell their products/services.

Our Approach

Most of our clients mainly require a professional, custom made website that showcases their products/services. This is something we’re good at delivering. There are however other clients who need additional functionality, phone apps, marketplaces and bespoke software.
In any case our approach is a simple one:

1. Assess Your Business Requirements

what do you think you need and what business challenges are you trying to solve?

2. Present Tech Solutions

translate your business requirements into solutions. Maybe you only need a brochure website, or just a phone app. Either way, we’ll present the best solution(s) for you.

3. Get Started

define work scope, deliverables, timelines and get started!

Our Tech



Web Platform Services:


Brochure Websites


Wordpress Website


Landing Pages


Ecommerce Websites




Mobile App Development


Product UI/UX Design


Bespoke Software


Shopify Stores


Website Support and Maintenance

Our Process

The final process followed will naturally depend on the size of the project – a simple 3-page brochure website will have a far different process than a bespoke software project. Nevertheless, we follow the same broad process:



in this vital initial phase, we carry out a ‘needs assessment’ and map out your business goals. This is where the thinking hats come out.



we create a technical specification document that outlines how we’ll build your platform, key milestones and expected delivery date.



once the tech spec is signed off, we’ll begin developing the core platform. This may involve setting up the CMS and/or starting custom development.



in line with your brand guidelines, our UX designers will create design concepts, tweak based on your feedback and then finalise with the content.



we run a series of checks to ensure the final platform works, with some user testing also conducted. Once everything is complete we provide training on how to manage your platform and cross check final delivery with tech spec doc.



for most of our clients we continue to manage their platform to ensure CMS plugin updates, security updates, bug fixing, and regular backups are all taken off.

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience and structured approach to the online space. Digital elevation one base at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?
The age-old question! And the age-old answer – it depends on your requirements. We offer very competitive prices, especially for Startups. You can rest assured we deliver the best value for money and it won’t break the bank. Get in touch and we’ll send you a customised quote in no time.
What is a CMS?
A content management system, abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. For most websites we work with the most popular CMS WordPress and for eCommerce Shopify.
Do you redesign existing websites?
Yes indeed. We begin by assessing whether you need a redesign in the first place and advise accordingly. Sometimes you’ll need a design ‘refresh’ or content updates. Other times a full redesign is needed.
How long does it take to build a website?
For simple brochure type websites, we can turn it around pretty quickly but for more complex projects it can vary. In any case, we’ll communicate timelines at the beginning of the project and you’ll only sign off work when you’re fully happy with the timelines given.
Can you help me rank high in Google?
As a standard, we make websites search engine and mobile friendly. Ranking on page 1 for your chosen keywords requires an on-going SEO strategy and that is something we can certainly help with. Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation services. For more instant results, you can also consider Paid Search Marketing.
Do you offer hosting?
Yes, we are also able to host your website and emails as we have dedicated servers and capacity to host all types of websites. We offer hosting as part of our managed services.
I don’t have time to write the content, can you handle that too?
Ideally, the content for your business should come from you as you know your business the best. If, however you are short of time, we can assign one of our content writers to the project. They’ll work with you to gather the content requirements and write the content according to your brief.
Does my business need a phone app?
Generally speaking, most businesses won’t need a phone app and should otherwise focus on having a fast mobile friendly website. It all depends on your business and industry. In some industries, a phone app is a must – online money transfer operators are one example where customers expect a fully working phone app in order to send money on the go. Our team will always advise as best as possible using our experience.