Travel Hospitality

It’s no mystery that technology has changed everything. The travel industry saw its first major disruption as soon as online hotel and flight bookings became available. We won’t bore you with the stats but we know travel marketing online has never been more important with the rise of social media and the next generation of travellers increasingly online.

While all of this means there are plenty of opportunities for travel and hospitality brands, there is also a lot of competition! In a saturated market, how do you stand out from the crowd and generate more bookings?

Over the past 5 years we’ve been helping Travel & Hospitality businesses of different sizes with their digital journeys and have gained a wealth of insights and niche specific knowledge. Regardless of your business stage, we can help you grow your travel business online.

Post-Covid Travel:

The Covid-19 pandemic brought significant challenges to the global travel and hospitality industry. But with the world opening up and a huge pent-up demand, the outlook for travel brands has now turned positive. The key for travel brands is to now re-position themselves in a better shape than before Covid. Do you offer more flexibility and showcase this, provide omni-channel communication channels, optimise your process of converting ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’? Addressing and overcoming these challenges will help maximise your ROI.

“The non-digital tourist is on the verge of extinction.”

Our digital marketing solutions for the travel and hospitality industry

Over the years, we’ve helped many types of businesses from online travel agents, airlines, tour operators, hotels, destination management companies, tourism boards and restaurants. Our combination of experience and enthusiasm will help you promote your type of travel and hospitality business.

Our Solutions:

Our work with travel brands spans across multiple touch points and our key services include:


Travel Technology Consultancy

We are able to leverage our contacts and experience in the industry to provide consultancy on the right travel technology for your business. From new travel system selection and procurement, distribution technologies, front-end web and mobile app user experience, we can assist with any strategic technology or digital transformation project.



In an increasingly saturated market, it is very important to invest in your brand to gain customer loyalty and trust. What makes you stand out? What is your brand story? Do you have a particular niche? Our branding specialists will go through a thorough process to uplift your brand.


Website Design and Development

As an industry, travel websites are some of the best websites on the web – this is due to the mix of information, imagery and simple functionality. We have worked on many travel and hospitality websites projects (and trawled through hundreds more) meaning we’re able to develop a great front end website for your brand.


Paid Advertising (PPC)

Paid search advertising is a very important channel for travel brands, especially those selling travel packages direct to consumers. Just finished putting together an exciting group tour to Egypt, why not advertise that same tour to those looking for the same on Google? We take a holistic approach to PPC campaigns for travel brands and are confident of maximising ROI.


Organic Search (SEO)

For a better long-term ROI, investing in Organic Search is a strong recommendation we often make to travel brands. This is because, with the right strategy you can rank organically for the most important keyword terms and get free targeted traffic to your website. This is a key specialism of ours with years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation.


Social Media Marketing

Google found that 55% of leisure travellers only go on one or two trips a year but they put A LOT of time and effort into researching those trips. And where do they do most of their research? Social media of course. Therefore, having a strong presence on social media is of paramount importance and we can consult with your business to put together the right strategy.


Analytics and BI Reporting

With any business, it is important to have the right Analytics and Business Intelligence reporting setup so you’re able to assess progress of your business at any given time. What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Website visitors, enquiries, direct bookings, live chat enquiries etc etc? We can support in firstly setting out the important KPIs for your business and then setting up the appropriate analytics tracking and BI reporting.


Email Marketing

What happens when a customer has booked and travelled? The goal of the business should be to guide the next purchasing decision. Therefore, companies must invest here in order to not waste the reputational capital they’ve earned during the process. Email Marketing is the best channel for this and increasing engagement with customers.

Clients we’ve worked with:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We need a website refresh can you help?
Simple answer is yes but as part of our initial consultation and onboarding process, we’ll be able to advise on exactly what your website needs or should have. Maybe you don’t need a ‘refresh’ and need better content or maybe you need a full revamp. Whatever the case, we’ll lay out our recommendations in a transparent manner.
2. How do I get customers to come back to my website?
Th truth of the matter is most people visiting your website are in the research phase and comparing offers/packages. Once they leave your website it is important you ‘re engage’ them and this can be done in several ways using Remarketing. Our digital marketing specialists can help with both strategy and execution of remarketing campaigns.
3. How do I increase brand awareness?
As touched upon higher up on this page, travellers do a lot of research online before booking. It is therefore important to place your brand in front of your target audience at this ‘consideration’ stage – this can typically be done by using a range of digital marketing channels suited to increasing brand awareness such as Facebook/Instagram ads, YouTube ads and display ads. Our digital marketing specialists can help put together an optimal media plan according to your requirements.
4. What are your fees?
We provide a bespoke service to travel and tourism brands that can vary from one-off pieces of work to a fully managed service. Our fees would therefore depend on the scope and size of the project/work. Get in touch and we’ll be able to assess your requirements and provide an estimate cost upfront.
5. Do you sell travel systems?
We are a digital agency focussed on front end websites and digital marketing. We don’t therefore sell or build backend travel systems. However, as part of our consultancy services, we can put you in touch with experts in travel systems who can help you procure the right technology for your travel business.